Long before a new Porsche model appears in the showroom, vast amounts of car enthusiasts sign up to buy the car. Many future buyers solely base their purchase decision on photos that circulate on the Internet. Porsche wants to know if people will show the same grit, even if the new model is completely in disguise. So we introduced the interactive platform Blind Trade, accompanied by online and print ads, encouraging car owners to trade their current car for the still unknown Porsche.

Agency // Achtung!
client // Porsche netherlands
Role // Lead designer

The interface

The Main interface is designed to let the user navigate through the ten phases within the unknown Porsche would be revealed. The three rings are designed to show time vs the amount of trades in a very clear way and still maintain Porsche speedometer characteristics. The colors of the interface would change during time. The further we got to the final reveal the interface would blend in to “Macan” colors

no ring selected
time- ring selected
trade-ring selected


Revealing the unknown porsche